First of all, it's pronounced "Log Off".

LAUG means ‘eyelids’ in Estonian.

AUF means ‘open’ in German.
Together it becomes "EYES OPEN".

As in, “Get out there. Go for it! Drop in. Send it. Rip, carve, shred. Ride on. Stick that landing. Break some ankles. Jab-jab-hook. GAME ON!

Be a champion in both sport and life...

Live with your Eyes Open.”

Because, with your eyes open — open to adventure, open to connection, open to possibilities, open to everything that this incredible world has to offer — you become curious, optimistic, imaginative and creative. With your eyes open, you turn your life on.

And it’s not just the two eyes in the front of your head. Keep your mind’s eye open. Believe in your unlimited potential.

It’s your brand, G-Delt. Own it.

Laug Auf. Eyes Open. Mind Awake. Life On.
brand. message. result. mission.


And we offer more than just gear. Check it out:


Architects Of Change.

Real people, real stories, real passion. Crossover Athletes, like you, doing their thing. Check it out.


Walk the walk. Commit. Put it in writing: Make a promise to value and respect the people and places in your world by living with your Eyes Open.


With our Eyes Open, Laug Auf is committed to teaming up with worthy charitable causes to assist them in making the world a Much Better Place.


This is the boring stuff; the things your parents might want to know more about. Facts and Data,

blah, blah, blah

Most importantly, go explore the real world and all of the opportunities that are bigger and better than anything you might find on a screen.


So, let's get started...

Laug Auf.

Life On.


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