Technology is a blessing, but it’s also a curse. It is pulling too many of us away from real world experience and making humankind less human. Younger generations are especially vulnerable.

So let’s tip the scales back towards the way it used to be and create more balance in our lives. If we put our devices down more often and open our eyes to the people and the world around us, then we can be the change we want to see. If we lead the charge, others will follow.

Laug Auf. Eyes Open. Life On.
It’s our brand, our message and our mission.

With that in mind, poke around our site. We offer more than just ‘Gear for Life’. You’ll find tools to help you, both kids and adults, alone and together, work towards a better tech-life balance; stuff to get you in ‘gear for life’.

Make a promise to value and respect your relationships; including the one you have with the world around you. Make a somewhat formal commitment to yourself and your family to put your device away and truly have your “Eyes Open."

Device Time Strategies to improve device mindfulness, as well as Our Picks for replacing screen time with better options. And, equally important, better understand the complex and often dangerous issues of the Device Epidemic.

It's purpose is to inspire all of us to live a healthier life — mentally, physically, and spiritually — within these new guidelines. Read posts from us as well as personal accounts from others; members of Laug Auf Nation, just like you.

Slap it on your car, your cargo box, boat, trailer, sports equipment, your helmet, locker or binder to inspire others to “Laug Auf”. We recommend putting a small one on your device as a gentle reminder to yourself to keep your “Eyes Open."

But, even more importantly, go explore the real world and all of the opportunities that are bigger and better than anything you might find on a screen.


So, let's get started...

Laug Auf.

Life On.

If you'd really like to read more, check out our Minifesto!


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