crossover  culture:  Architects  of  change

We’re Generation Delta. GDelt for short.
“Architects of Change” expressin thru sport.
Rippin, blazin, ballin, scrappin.
Whatever it takes to make things happen.
Try to label us? Nah, don’t think so.
Established rules don’t apply, yo.
Lines blurred, boxes merged.
Use your mind’s eye and take a peek in.
A life of value is what we’re seekin.
Rockin the Q is what we do.
We’ve got a high Quotient
Both Intelligence and Emotion.
‘Cause we’re kind and we’re woken,
got all three eyes open.
We embrace and express and explore variety.

Society doesn’t define us.

We define society.

REAL peopleREAL storiesREAL passion.

Crossover Athletes, like you, doing their thing.


©2019 Laug Auf - All rights reserved.