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behind the brand

Laug Auf, pronounced “log off”, is a message about putting our devices down more often.


Technology has its place in our lives and a lot of good comes from it. But, it’s led us too far off course. We’ve become convinced that our phones keep us connected and informed. More often, though, they rob us of our time and prevent real life experiences. Sometimes they even damage our closest relationships.


It’s time to change. And that’s the real message behind the brand.

LAUG means ‘eyelids’ in Estonian and
AUF means ‘open’ in German.
Together, they’re ‘eyes open’.
As in, let’s live with our Eyes Open.

When we put our devices down, look up, out and in, we see the world, our tribe and we become our best selves.


Opportunities are waiting for us. And they’re bigger and better than anything we might find on a screen.

With our Eyes Open...

When we Laug Auf, we turn our Life On.

YOLO + LALO ("lay low")

Let’s be curious, optimistic, imaginative, creative and, most importantly, let’s be present; with ourselves and with one another.
lalo 7 brick.jpg