For a limited time, for every hat of any style that you buy in our hat store, you will be helping us to give a Fiver "camper" one of these Fiver Special Edition hats (also available for purchase)!

Help us get to our goal of giving one of our Fiver Special Edition hats to every graduating Fiver camper and staff member this year!

Not a hat wearer, but still want to help? Great! Here's how:

1. Buy a Fiver Special Edition Hat

2. Select Free Shipping
3. Write a Note at checkout that you’re donating your hat to a “Camper” and we’ll match your generous offer!

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"Fiver is my family, and I'm so proud to be a Fiver. After 10 years, I grew up to be a better person. I will always carry the Fiver spirit with me."

—Veronica, age 18

The Fiver Children's Foundation is a comprehensive youth development organization that makes a 10-year commitment to children from under-served communities throughout New York City and central New York. Through character-building summer and year-round out-of-school time programs, Fiver empowers children to make ethical and healthy decisions, to become engaged citizens, and to succeed in school, careers, and life.

A message from Fiver:

At Camp Fiver, we strive to create a nurturing environment that serves as a second home for participating youth. Every summer, kids ages 8 through 18 are given the opportunity to take a break from everyday life and step onto our campgrounds, where they are free to learn, grow and explore freely. Thanks to you, we can provide the Camp Fiver kids with gear that encapsulates both the Fiver spirit and the Laug Auf mission.

Fiver's inspiring work is a game-changer for so many kids and young adults, and their mission aligns so well with the Laug Auf message. We are actively participating in fundraising campaigns to help the "Fivers" and are committed to donating a portion of our annual net profits to Fiver Children's Foundation.


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