This sketch, scribbled on a small scrap of paper, is the original concept for the Laug Auf logos.

These two words, their sound (log and off) and their meaning (eyelids and open), are the essence of the Laug Auf brand and they’re the inspiration for the Laug Auf logos.

Both designs are based on a third eye; symbolic of the ability to see possibilities, inside and out.

first sketch - 3/30/17

classic hand-drawn

The colorful 'Classic Logo', has a power button iris (red for ‘off’); the lower eyelid is a halfpipe (with decks and coping — as suggested by Orion Yberg); rays from a rising sun shine over ocean waves; above is a mountain, with both green grass and a snow covered peak. All of these elements combine to represent a composite of the wonderful and rewarding activities that await us in nature.

classic digitally rendered

The ‘Iconic Logo’ is clean and direct, but maintains the spirit of the “Classic”. The power button iris remains, but the triangle (made from the letters L and A), now represents the Greek symbol Delta and the power of change. Because, Laug Auf is a brand for Generation Delta (“The Generation of Change”). The eyelid, created by the arc of the A extending across to the L, doubles as the outspread arms of a power button headed person who’s open to experience.

iconic logo

This power button person had such great energy, symbolic of the 'power' that every one of us has within our head to make our own world whatever we want it to be. As Gandalf says in Lord of the Rings, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” 


(S)he needed a name: Dee Vizelas (Deviceless); "Dee" for short (a gender neutral name). Dee is now featured in all of our Activity Logos doing the things that all of us love to do.

Check out the Laug Auf Decal Collection to find Dee doing the activities that you love most (there are close to 60 to choose from!). And keep a look out for New Release Activi-Tees. Drop us a line and tell us which one you like or maybe you’d like Dee to try something new — (s)he’s always searching for new adventures! We'll gladly accommodate your request.


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