STOP! If you are not a parent, get out now while you still can!

Dear Parents,

One of the core values behind Laug Auf is all about exploring real life and engaging with people and activities that are fulfilling to the mind, body and soul. In order to do that, digital devices should take a backseat more often, right? You may need to step in to encourage more deviceless activities with your children. To that end, we offer these thought-provoking and informative resources, useful suggestions, and relevant content.


Team Laug Auf


Handheld devices are an addiction. They stimulate the pleasure and reward systems in our brains just like cocaine, heroine and nicotine. It is a problem that is degrading our social and family lives, economic growth and society at large. 

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The struggle is real. So many of us use our devices way more than we need to every day. But it's so hard to not pick it up when you hear the ding of a new notification; too easy to get engrossed in it; so hard to put it down.

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There are plenty of better things out there to do than have your head down in your phone. Here's a compilation of things we personally recommend, from games to play, to books to read, to places to go, and more.

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Featured Resource

Look Up | Gary Turk - Official Video

Laug Auf, Look Up. Gary Turk, award-winning filmmaker and spoken word artist, was launched to fame following the global success of this video, where he shares a spoken word poem expressing how we continue to rely on technology to connect with one another, yet this inevitably results in us spending more time alone.

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