The Secret to Better Social Media? Fewer Friends

David Pierce, personal technology columnist from The Wall Street Journal suggests one thing everyone should do, as soon as possible, is to prune your contacts on every social network. He argues that the more your social networks reflect your real-life social networks, the more you'll enjoy using them and the safer you'll be.

"I have too many friends. I know, I’m Mr. Popular, right? Not quite. Most of my 'friends' aren’t friends. I’ve simply accumulated a hefty list of people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere. Staying 'friends' with people who are no longer (or were never) my real friends always seemed harmless, but it’s actually ruining my social life. For starters, having all those friends was a security risk. Prior to 2015, they could dispense my information to Cambridge Analytica and other shady data collectors. Your associations tell social networks—and advertisers—an awful lot about you. Just as problematic, all those pseudo-friends and likes distract from the actual potential of social networks. We’re all starting to realize that algorithmically driven social networks can’t be trusted to deliver accurate, useful information from real people you care about."


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