Why ‘B-Cause’?

B-Cause we care. Because, to us, business is personal. Because while we’re helping you find balance between your online and offline lives, we’re seeking balance between our profits and our purpose. Because we want to be a company that does well AND does good.

Our goal is to maintain the highest standards and gain certification as a B-Corp. With that in mind, we’re building Laug Auf with a business model that inspires ethical, intelligent, and conscientious practices, socially, fiscally and environmentally. We will make sure that at every level of our supply chain, we operate fairly and transparently.

Along the way, in an effort to do our part to make the world a Much Better Place, at all times, we’ll be running a Current Campaign that’s directed towards a special cause.


In addition, 10% of net profits from every sale will be donated to worthy causes that align with our mission.

B-Cause, that's just the way we roll.


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