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Laug Auf ("Log Off") literally translates to:

"Eyes Open."

A phrase suggesting we look up, out and into our world; to emerge, engage and evolve;

to open our mind's eye, visualize our future, embrace our curiosity, forge our courage,

welcome our "missteps" and "mistakes" as portals to hidden opportunities,

to believe in our unlimited potential and, most importantly,

to be kind to others throughout our unique Hero's Journey.


These core tenets of Laug Auf inspired this first sketch on a torn piece of paper 6-1/2 years ago:


From there came the colorful Classic:


Featuring a "third eye" constructed with a power button iris (red for off), a halfpipe lower eyelid, a mountain with a snow-covered peak, green trails, and rays of sunlight over crashing waves, The Classic embodies the exciting opportunities that await us outdoors in the embrace of Mother Nature.

The Iconic:

LOGO WITH TEXT black thicker 1 png_edited.png

This "third eye" combines the letters L and A (for Laug Auf) while retaining the power button iris. A broader view reveals a person's head with outstretched arms, symbolizing openness to life's experiences. It reminds us that we possess the power within our mind to choose our perspective and shape our own reality.


The Extreme:


By "carving" the Iconic with action & lifestyle sports characters, The Extreme assumes an active, energetic and edgy vibe; perfect for Extreme/Action sports enthusiasts. 



Derived from our tagline,

"LAUG AUF. LIFE ON.", the acronym "L.A.L.O." (pronounced "lay low") is an early glimpse into what we imagine the brand will eventually be known as.

"Lay Low"; let go, be light.

We must release in order to grasp.

The strategy behind the eventual name change is that the sound "LOG OFF", although relevant and clever, is already taken. And, it can be potentially interpreted as a "preachy" command.

The sound "laylow", on the other hand, is available for us to claim and own as something new and exciting.

Back to the Collab Again:


When we team up with likeminded organizations, we create co-branded logos, where the club/team/org's logo replaces the power button, symbolizing our collaborative partnerships.


Our message resonates within these communities, so we bond ourselves together. Through this collaboration, these organizations express their belief in and commitment to Laug Auf, empowering them to inspire their members to live with their eyes open.

In summary, Laug Auf's logos and graphics reflect a journey of self-discovery, embracing life's possibilities, and living with eyes open. They represent a brand that promotes mindfulness, exploration and the creation of one's unique reality.

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