from self reflection

The story of the

laug auf logo

to message
& reminder
to quick
to colorful drawing

From self realization... to quick sketch... to colorful drawing... to a deeper message inside a logo: The story of the Laug Auf logo.


Laug Auf is a reminder to find harmony between our online and offline lives. The logos are based on our mind’s eye; symbolic of the ability to see possibilities, inside and out.


The ‘Classic Logo' is bright and colorful. The iris is a power button that’s red (for off). The lower eyelid is a halfpipe, with decks and coping. Rays from a rising sun shine over ocean waves. A mountain with green grass and a snow covered peak is just above the horizon. Together, they represent all of the wonderful and rewarding activities that await us in nature.


The ‘Iconic Logo’ is clean and direct. It’s a statement about our inner strength and limitless potential. The letters L and A form a triangle that represents the Greek letter Delta; symbolic of our ability to ‘change’ our behavior and, equally important, to inspire positive change in others. The power button is the head of a person with outspread arms, open to experience. Because... we all have the ‘power' in our mind’s eye to make our own world whatever we want it to be.


laug auf. life on.