Laug Auf (pronounced “Log Off”) literally means “Eyes Open”.

Look up, out, and into your world.

Emerge. Engage. Evolve.

Open your mind’s eye. Visualize your future.

Be curious and believe in your potential.

Live with Eyes Open.


These core beliefs are expressed through our series of logos:

The Classic, The Iconic and The Extreme.

First, there was the colorful Classic:


It’s a third eye, with a power button iris (red for off) and a halfpipe lower eyelid. The mountain, with its snow covered peak, green trails and rays of sunlight shining over crashing waves, encompasses all of the exciting opportunities that await us outdoors in Mother Nature.


Next came the Iconic:

LOGO WITH TEXT black thicker 1 png_edited.png

This “third eye” is made of an L and an A (for Laug Auf). The power button iris remains. But pan out and you’ll notice that it’s also the head of a person with outspread arms, open to experience, living their best life. Because… we all have the power in our mind’s eye to choose the perspective from which we see the world. We create our own ‘reality’.

“What we think, we become.”


The Extreme:


was born when action and traditional sport athlete Cam LaPorta, inspired by our message, took it upon himself to sketch the concept for the EXTREME. His energy gave life to this one... the dude is extreme. "The Extreme" is our Iconic Logo being carved up and shredded by action sports athletes.

The next version was a minor tweak to the Iconic. Based on our tagline, "LAUG AUF. LIFE ON." we coined the acronym "L.A.L.O." (pronounced "lay low"). This version is used for our traditional sports sponsorships and partnerships: