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"Just Sling It" presents a modern take on the classic tale of David + Goliath, celebrating the spirit of rebellion + creativity.

The central character, armed with a slingshot (+ a "LAUG AUF" sleeve tat) represents the new thinkers, the innovators + the brave souls willing to stand up to the giants of industry + ideology.

Laug Auf is the rallying call for a movement that encourages us to carve our unique blaze + question the paths laid before us by tradition + societal expectation.


The orange silhouette in the background, a Goliath figure composed of familiar logos from a "major sports apparel brand", stands for the mighty adversaries of today's world; the established norms + the powerful entities that seldom face opposition.

The David-figure, agile + prepared, is set against this backdrop, ready to challenge the status quo with his slingshot, a symbol of his readiness to take on seemingly insurmountable challenges.


This narrative, woven deeply into our brand, speaks to the heart's courage + the mind's resolve to remain genuine + distinct; it's an invitation to break free from the shackles of conformity.

The natural imagery of the sun + mountains echoes the boundless possibilities that curiosity, courage + authenticity can unlock.

The phrase "NO QUIT X LAUG AUF" + Saint Jhn's quote anchor the image in a philosophy of resilience + shared victory. LAUG AUF ("eyes open") is a clarion call to remain vigilant + engaged in a world where digital distractions often dominate.


It's a reminder that we're all in this together (the "U" pocket of the slingshot represents unity) + that our collective passion + commitment (the remaining "A F") can lead to immense change.


"Just Sling It" is a manifesto for a life lived fully, consciously + with a fierce joy that rallies us to sling our stones at the Goliaths of our time.


eyes open, cousin

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