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DIMENSION 7 a visual metaphor for our quest of deeper meaning amidst the cacophony of everyday thoughts + experiences.

"DIMENSION" suggests themes of depth, perspective + alternate realities or levels of consciousness, serving as a gateway to exploring the manifold layers of our existence; urging an introspective dive into the many intellectual + spiritual planes that define our reality.

"7" is a number of significance carrying symbolic weight. It's found in many cultural, philosophical + religious texts + contexts, representing perfection, completeness, spirituality, luck + the mystical aspects of life. It's also the number of days in a week + wonders of the ancient world.

The geometric intricacies within the number symbolize the interconnectedness of life's decisions; echos in the labyrinthine pathways of our thoughts, where each turn, every intersection, a choice or revelation, leads us in a new direction. As well as the complexity + intricacy of the universe + the multifaceted nature of consciousness.

The circular emblem is striking.

"MIND NOISE" is encircled with what could be an ouroboros, a snake eating its own tail; the ancient symbol of the cyclicality of nature, the eternal return + the unity of everything.

The phrase represents the inner cacophony that besieges our clarity; the constant flux of mental chatter that distracts from the pursuit of higher truths. Yet, its placement within the sanctity of a circle—a symbol of completeness + eternal wholeness—suggests that even amidst the dissonance, there lies the potential for harmony + balance.

When the term "DIMENSION", which suggests a realm or aspect that is beyond the usual three-dimensional space we occupy, is paired with "MIND NOISE", it symbolizes the vast dimensions of mental activity that often go unnoticed or unexplored. 

As a whole, this image invites us on a journey through the many dimensions that shape our perception of reality, where chaos + order, noise + silence, are eternally intertwined. It encourages a deeper contemplation of the symbols that govern our internal + external worlds; to delve into these dimensions, exploring the "noise" within our minds, in search of patterns + meanings beneath the surface, in pursuit of a deeper understanding.

just as the anagram rearranges letters to reveal hidden meanings, the mind rearranges its thoughts

to uncover new clues:

Thus, "MIND NOISE" is not separate from "DIMENSION"

but rather,

its secret counterpart,

a concealed map within us,

leading to expansive growth, new truths

+, perhaps, enlightenment...

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